Conquering your fear

Here at British Airways we recognise that around 25% of people have at least some fear of flying, while about 1 in 10 people have a phobia of flying. So you’re not alone. What’s more, often the biggest hurdle is confronting the matter in the first place, so by simply visiting this website you’ve taken the first step towards overcoming your fear.

Flying with Confidence has a 98% success rate in helping people like you. Our well-trained, professional and sympathetic staff can help you change your life and make fear of flying a thing of the past. For proof, take a look at what some of our customers have to say on our Testimonials page.

Our day-long courses cover a range of topics, including relaxation techniques that you can use in other circumstances where you feel uncomfortable, for example travelling on a tube train or in a lift.

We have over thirty years of experience, and over 50,000 nervous flyers have taken our courses.

Once you feel ready to confront your fears, here are some key points.

  1. Take your time to read through this website. It will answer many of your initial questions.
  2. If you have further questions or just want a chat, please don’t hesitate to call. Although you may feel your fear is unique to you, we can assure you it’s not. We deal with thousands of people with feelings just like yours.
  3. If you feel you’d benefit from a private consultation with one of our pilots or psychologists, please contact us.
  4. Our venues and prices page lists the dates of the next courses.
  5. Book one of our fear of flying courses. You’ll soon be able to enjoy stress-free flying.

* Independent Market Research, Dec 2006.

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I don’t know who’s looking forward most to my twin grandchildren’s birthday – them or me. I’d never flown before and was scared stiff of making the trip to Australia to visit them. So I took myself off on a Flying with Confidence course, and now I have my bag packed already.