Today we are launching a "Primary Plus" option available to book now at all Heathrow Primary courses. This course is aimed at people who would like to be in a smaller group, but prefer not to book onto a Premium Course. The Primary Plus course runs on the same day and uses the same flight as the Primary course, but offers the following advantages:

-dedicated check in desk

-maximum of ten people in a separate room

-extensive lunch menu, waiter service

-front row seats on the flight

-guaranteed pilot or psychologist on the same row during the flight

-Flying with Confidence book and relaxation CD included

-The price for this course is £699, restricted to a maximum of ten people.

For more information call 01252 793250 or you can book

directly on this website from the drop down menu.


get in touch at any time on

UK: 01252 793250

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In a couple of months I’m heading to South-East Asia to work with schoolchildren on my gap year. But before that there were some people I needed to visit above all else – Flying with Confidence. For me, they’ve literally made it all possible.