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Our fear of flying courses are now in their 25th year in association with British Airways. Our dedicated team is made up of experienced pilots, cabin crew, psychologists and helpers. Here are some of the staff you’ll meet on the day

  • Peter Hughes - Director

    Peter founded these courses over 30 years ago, and since then he’s helped over 45,000 people overcome their fear of flying.  Peter retired from British Airways in 2003, but still oversees all of our courses and is part of our Premium course team.

  • Steve Allright - Captain

    Steve has been running British Airways fear of flying courses for 24 years and is now a Director. He regularly runs the Heathrow course. He is a British Airways Training Captain on the 747, with over 14,000 flying hours.

  • Gordon Black - Captain

    Gordon has been with British Airways since he left school. He has flown the 737, 757, 767, 747 and Airbus 319/320. He is now a Training Captain on the Boeing 777.

  • Andy Shaw - Captain

    Andy started his career with British Airways over 20 years ago. He has flown many types of aircraft including the 747, 757 and 767. He is now a Captain on the 777.

  • Richard Sanders - Captain

    Richard is regularly the operating Captain on our London courses, on which he also presents.  He has flown several aircraft types in British Airways, and is currently a Training Captain on the Airbus fleet.

  • Jon Collacott - Senior First Officer

    Jon flies the Airbus and is our specialist "teenage course" pilot.  He creates a special bond with the teenagers that attend, and is often the operating copilot on the day.  Jon is also part of our private course team.

  • Simon Cowdell - Senior First Officer

  • Stewart Highet - Senior First Officer

  • Paul Meehan - Senior First Officer

  • Niven Phoenix - Senior First Officer

    Niven has over 26 years of flying experience, he joined British Airways 5 years ago after a long career in the RAF flying the C130 and C17. During his time in the RAF he worked as a Trauma and Risk manager and also a human factors trainer, naturally when he joined British Airways this made him the perfect person to join our team. Niven currently flies the Boeing 747 out of London Heathrow.

  • Jai Dillon - First Officer

    Jai joined British Airways at the start of 2015 and has been part of the Flying With Confidence team since early 2016. Prior to joining British Airways Jai worked for a low cost airline and flew the Boeing 737. He has over 4000 flying hours and is currently a First Officer on our Airbus fleet based at Heathrow.

  • Aoife Duggan - First Officer

  • Gregg Best - Cabin Crew Purser

    Gregg is a regular on our London courses, and is currently working as a Purser on Eurofleet.

  • Jane O'Leary - Cabin Crew Purser

    Jane joined British Airways as Cabin Crew in 1996.  She has been helping on our courses for over 16 years. Jane is based at Heathrow and is currently a Purser on Eurofleet.

  • Rebecca Sullivan - Cabin Crew Purser

    Rebecca has been working for British Airways for over 15 years years and has been helping out on our courses for 6 years. She is based at London Heathrow and is a Purser on Eurofleet.

  • Pavlina Denkova - Cabin Crew

  • Angela Hyland - Cabin Crew

    Angela has been ever present on our London courses for some time now, and is currently working on Eurofleet.

  • Catriona Riddell - Cabin Crew

    Catriona has been helping with the Flying With Confidence courses for a few years now. She started with British Airways in 2012. As well as flying she now trains Cabin and Flight Crew in Safety, Medical and Security.


  • Patricia Furness Smith - Psychologist

    Patricia has presented on the course for over 15 years and currently runs the Psychological session at Gatwick, Primary Plus at Heathrow, Premium and Private courses. She has over 25 years’ experience as a Lecturer and Examiner in a variety of Psychological courses and runs a Private Practice in the Chilterns. Patricia has written a number of Self-Help books including the BA Flying with Confidence book and CD.

  • Simon Petrie - Psychologist

    Simon has recently joined the psychological team, presenting in Scotland and Ireland. 

  • Keith Stoll - Psychologist

    Keith has helped on the course for 20 years and has built an enormous understanding of fears and phobias associated with flying. Keith is a clinical psychologist and practices in Harley Street. He runs the psychological session on the Heathrow course regularly. 

  • Donna Allright - Teenage and Children Counsellor

    Donna is a qualified Counsellor with over 15 years experience working in secondary schools and on our courses.  She currently runs the Teenage Course at London and is the phobia therapist on our Ground Courses in Dubai and Johannesburg.

  • Jane Whybrow - Teenage counsellor

    Jane has a huge amount of experience working with teenagers, working as an Assistant Head Teacher at a busy secondary school in her previous job.  She is an extremely valuable addition to our Teenagers Course team.

  • Celestine Allison - Course Administrator

    Celestine is the course administrator and deals with all bookings and admin. There are 40 courses a year with nearly 2,000 people attending. She has helped run the course for over 12 years.

  • Holly Allright - Marketing Executive

    Holly has been working on the Heathrow courses for over 5 years alongside obtaining a degree in Marketing. As well as assisting with FWC social media, Holly acts as Course Administrator on the day ensuring the smooth running of the course.

  • Lars Houston - Marketing Executive

    Lars has been helping on FWC courses for over 4 years, having recently completed a degree Tourism Management. As well as occasionally being called upon as our professional interpreter, he regularly acts as Course Executive on the day ensuring the smooth running of the course.

  • Bob Atkinson - Travel Industry Expert

    Bob is a travel industry expert who has a long association with our course.

  • Lesley Brown - Air Traffic Control

    Lesley has been with us for a period of time and like her husband Tony she worked as an Air Traffic Controller in Manchester until her retirement.

  • Tony Brown - Air Traffic Control

    Tony has been involved with Air Traffic Control at Manchester for over thirty years. His son is a Captain with British Airways on the Boeing 777.

  • Jane Crouch - Customer Service

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