We run fear of flying courses at London Heathrow, Gatwick, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Dubai* and Johannesburg* to help you overcome your fear. Over 50,000 people have attended these one day courses to overcome their fear of flying over the last 30 years - click on our testimonials to see how they've done. Depending on the time of the flight, the day usually starts around 0900 and is divided into morning (technical) and afternoon (psychology) sessions, followed by a flight* on a BA jet with a running commentary from an extra pilot on the flight deck. Lunch and refreshments are provided throughout the day. The flight is normally around 1700, and the day finishes at around 1830, although the finish time is of course subject to any flight delays on the day. We generally recommend you do not make any plans for the evening, other than to celebrate your success!

*The courses in Dubai and Johannesburg are ground based only and do not include a flight. Please see "venues and prices" for specific course information.

The cost of the course is dependent on location - click on "Location and Schedule" at the bottom of the home page for more information.

Primary Course

Below are details of a typical course:


The day starts with tea and coffee – an excellent opportunity to meet our experienced team who know just how to overcome a fear of flying.  It's also when you realise you're not alone as a nervous flyer, as you meet many others who are as scared of flying as you are. This is followed by a presentation by British Airways pilots. There is strong evidence to suggest that one of the main causes of fear of flying is simple lack of knowledge about how an aircraft flies and operates. So, the pilots give a detailed talk explaining the technical side of aviation especially concentrating on air turbulence, flight safety and much more.


In the afternoon session, one of our psychologists talks about the psychological aspects of aerophobia (fear of flying), the mechanics of fear, and how best to deal with anxiety and feelings of panic. Lack of control, claustrophobia, fear of tube trains, lifts, heights and fear of falling are the concerns of many nervous passengers. Our psychologist demonstrates positive ways of coping with and minimising these symptoms, and will conduct a relaxation session just prior to the flight. As preparation for this part of the day, you will be sent joining instructions prior to the course in which you will be encouraged to start taking small steps in your journey towards conquering your fear once that you have made the decision to do so.

The flight

The day concludes with an actual flight on a BA jet aircraft, lasting 45 minutes. Passengers are accompanied by our team of pilots, cabin crew and psychologists with the normal operating BA pilots and cabin crew.  During the flight, an extra pilot on the flight deck gives a running commentary explaining the various phases of the flight and just what is happening. This aspect of the course has been found to be very reassuring and valuable, helping people overcome their fear of flying.

Primary Plus

A "Primary Plus" option is now available at all Heathrow Primary courses. This course is aimed at people who would like to be in a smaller group, but prefer not to book onto a Premium Course. The Primary Plus course runs on the same day and uses the same flight as the Primary course, but offers the following advantages:

- dedicated check in desk,

- maximum of ten people in a separate room,

- extensive lunch menu with waiter service,

- front row seats on the flight,

- guaranteed to have a pilot or psychologist on the same row during the flight,

- Flying with Confidence book and relaxation CD include.

The price for this course is £699 including VAT, restricted to a maximum of ten people. 


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I don’t know who’s looking forward most to my twin grandchildren’s birthday – them or me. I’d never flown before and was scared stiff of making the trip to Australia to visit them. So I took myself off on a Flying with Confidence course, and now I have my bag packed already.