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Our next course at Edinburgh on 13 May 2017 is now FULLY BOOKED. The next course in Scotland will be at Glasgow on Saturday 7 October. The price of the course is just £229 including a 45 minute flight on a BA jet, on which you will be accompanied by our fantastic team, including a running commentary of all those strange noises and sensations.  The day starts, as always, with our resident Scottish pilot team explaining all about turbulence, emergencies  and much more, followed by our clinical psychologist Dr. Simon Petrie talking about phobia after lunch, and most importantly, teaching some techniques to reduce your anxiety.  To reserve a place, you can call us now, or wait until the course date is confirmed and simply fill out our online booking form or call us on 01252 793 250. We look forward to seeing you.

Here's some feedback from our most recent course in Scotland:

Susan Cook
27 September at 18:12
Thank you to all the organisers of this course which I took today 
Was a very nervous day but well worth it 
Loved the flight !!! 
100% recommend 
Start of holidays abroad :)

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My big stumbling block was take off and turbulence. My other one, I have to say, was fear of flying courses. But now I’m a total convert, all thanks to Flying with Confidence.