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We have been running courses at London Gatwick for many years now with outstanding results. 

The pilot presentation will cover everything you need to know about commercial aviation, especially turbulence and how an aircraft flies. The psychologist presentation will then help you to break into the anxiety that is associated with a fear of flying. The course includes a 45 minute flight on a BA jet during which you will be given a continuous running commentary from an extra pilot on the flight deck explaining every noise and sensation.

The course includes presentations from British Airways Captains and our phobia expert psychologist Patricia Furness-Smith. The course is held at the impressive Gatwick Sofitel Hotel conveniently located very close to the North Terminal.

Our next course will be held late Spring, however we do have a course at London Heathrow on 3rd February 2018 if you want a course sooner.

Flight only option

This option is only available for friends or relatives who wish to accompany you on the flight at the end of the course. Equally, for people who have been on a previous course and wish to have a top up flight this option is brilliant in order to build confidence.

Our flight only option costs £129 inclusive of VAT.



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