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11 Mar 2017

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Our next Heathrow course to help you conquer your fear of flying is on Saturday 11 March 2017. This is our second Primary course of the year and costs £325 including seminars and the flight, or £129 for the flight only for friends or relatives who wish to accompany you, or for people who have been on a previous course and wish to have a top up flight to build their confidence. Again, we will be using the impressive Sofitel Hotel conveniently located adjacent and connected to LHR Terminal 5.  This is our flagship course and yields wonderful results and feedback - take a look at the testimonials on this site or reviews on our Facebook site. Our fabulous Teenagers course on this date is also available for booking by calling the number below.

The course includes presentations from British Airways pilots and clinical psychologist Dr. Keith Stoll. For more details about this hugely successful one day course call us on 01252 793250 if you have any questions at all.

Our "Primary Plus" option is available at all Heathrow Primary courses. This course is aimed at people who would like to be in a smaller group, but prefer not to book onto a Premium Course. The Primary Plus course runs on the same day and uses the same flight as the Primary course, but offers the following advantages:

-dedicated check in desk

-maximum of ten people in a separate room

-extensive lunch menu, waiter service

-front 3 row seats on the flight

-pilot or psychologist close by during the flight

-Flying with Confidence book and relaxation CD included

-The price for this course is £699, restricted to a maximum of ten people.



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I don’t know who’s looking forward most to my twin grandchildren’s birthday – them or me. I’d never flown before and was scared stiff of making the trip to Australia to visit them. So I took myself off on a Flying with Confidence course, and now I have my bag packed already.