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Upcoming Courses 2018

MANCHESTER Saturday 24 Feb 2018 £259

GLASGOW Primary Course Saturday 10 March 2018 £235

Heathrow PREMIUM COURSE (£1299) max four people Monday 12 March 2018

HEATHROW Primary course Saturday 17 March 2018 £329

GATWICK Primary Course Saturday 28 April £299

HEATHROW Primary Course Saturday 2 June £329


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Flying with Confidence back at Manchester!!

After a gap of five years due to lack of aircraft availability in the North and North West, the Flying with Confidence team are delighted to be returning to run a fear of flying course in Manchester on Saturday 24th February 2018. Take a look around the website or call us on 01252 793250 for more details.

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In a couple of months I’m heading to South-East Asia to work with schoolchildren on my gap year. But before that there were some people I needed to visit above all else – Flying with Confidence. For me, they’ve literally made it all possible.