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Following the successful Dubai fear of flying courses of the last three years, we will be running a follow up course including two accompanied flights on Thursday 15th December. The course is specifically aimed at people who have previously attended our ground course in Dubai, but is open to all. The day will start and end at DXB International airport where you will meet one of our team (max THREE participants per team member) and be accompanied on two scheduled flights on an ultra modern jet aircraft to Doha and back. Every noise and sensation will be explained along the way, and you will be encouraged to use the techniques you learnt on the course to reduce your anxiety.

The price for the course is AED 2499 for previous course participants , AED 2999 if you are joining us for the first time.

You may book online on this website in equivalent British Sterling or US Dollars.

We look forward to seeing you again or meeting you for the first time and help you start your journey towards flying with confidence.  Please do not hesitate to call or email us for further details.  The course is in English.  Please note insurance is not available for this course and should be deselected at time of booking.  If selected, the insurance element will be refunded.  This course is available for booking online today - take this first step towards flying with confidence!

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I don’t know who’s looking forward most to my twin grandchildren’s birthday – them or me. I’d never flown before and was scared stiff of making the trip to Australia to visit them. So I took myself off on a Flying with Confidence course, and now I have my bag packed already.