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Frequently asked questions

Have a question about our renowned fear of flying courses? Take a look at our frequently asked questions below or give our team a call on 01252 793250

Thinking about booking a course?
  • We have been running courses since 1986, and in that time we?ve seen many people with many different fears. Our extensive experience has allowed us to develop a course that not only helps first time flyers, but also those who?ve flown before. Our team of helpers has enormous experience in helping all kinds of people overcome their fears.
    Over the years several thousand people who are claustrophobic or who suffer from a fear of heights have attended our courses. During the afternoon part of our courses our Psychologist explains why we suffer from these types of fear and shows you what you can do to control them. You will also be taught relaxation techniques that you can put into practice on the flight.
    Having had over 50,000 people attend our fear of flying course, we have substantial evidence of how successful they are, and we have a 98% success rate based on the feedback we receive. Take a look at our testimonials to read typical feedback from our courses. If you have any questions about the suitability of the course for you, please feel free to contact one of the team our dedicated fear of flying number 01252 793250
    We were the first fear of flying course in the UK, so we?ve had many years to develop a course and build up a team that really understands your fears and anxieties. We want to change your attitude to flying, and our years of experience have taught us the best way to achieve this goal.
    Yes. You can call 01252 793250 any time day or night and we?ll get back to you. When you contact us you will talk to either Captain Peter Hughes, Managing Director of Flying with Confidence, or another member of our team. Whoever you speak to, they?re all experts involved in running the courses, so you?ll receive first class advice and reassurance. Everyone is treated individually and eveything is discussed in the strictest of confidence.
    We offer a flight-only option for friends or family of those taking part in a course. Any person who is joining you for the flight should be a comfortable flyer. This option is also available to people who have attended a course in the past and are looking for a 'top up'. You may return as many times as you like to build your confidence.
    No. All our quoted prices are fully inclusive of VAT, Air Passenger Duty and credit card charges.
    Everyone who comes on our courses thinks they will be the worst one there. We quote a 98% success rate based on the number of people that make it onto the aircraft and from the feedback they give us after the flight
    The flight is a maximum of 45 minutes and we simply take off, climb for about ten minutes and after a short cruise we begin the return to the airport where we departed from
    No one is forced to do anything they don?t want to do, but we will obviously encourage and support you to push yourself as far as you can for maximum benefit on the day
    No. Many people come to us having tried hypnosis previously that hasn?t worked. We use a more cognitive behavioural therapy approach
    Yes, we update our website regularly, but you can always contact us directly to register your interest for a specific location HERE
    We have a course that is specifically tailored for teenagers and a workshop for children
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