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Primary Plus course

Primary plus course has a maximum group of 10 people with your dedicated staff all day. Please note, if you wish to bring someone with you using the “Flight Only” option, because of the logistics on board you may not be sat with a pilot or psychologist on your row.

  • Primary Plus course - fear of flying courses from Flying With Confidence

    About our Primary Plus course

    Our Primary Plus option is now available at all Heathrow Primary courses. This course is aimed at people who would like to be in a smaller group. The Primary Plus course runs on the same day and uses the same flight as the Primary course, but offers the following advantages:

    - dedicated check in desk,

    - maximum of ten people in a separate room,

    - extensive lunch menu with hot options,

    - seating towards the front of the aircraft on the flight,

    - Your dedicated pilot and psychologist will be seated with you during the flight,

    - Flying with Confidence book included.

    The price for this course is £795 including VAT, restricted to a maximum of ten people. 

Upcoming Primary Plus course dates
    • Saturday 6th July 2024

      London Heathrow
      Registration at 9:00am
      Course finishes at 6:45pm Almost full

    Please be aware that we are constantly planning and organising courses at all venues in addition to those shown on this site. Do keep an eye on this website as courses will be published immediately when they are confirmed.

  • Frequently asked questions

    Having had over 50,000 people attend our fear of flying course, we have substantial evidence of how successful they are, and we have a 98% success rate based on the feedback we receive. Take a look at our testimonials to read typical feedback from our courses.
    You need to bring some form of Government official photo ID, preferably passport or driving licence, however if you do not possess either of these for more options please contact us here by filling in the form on our contact page.
    We were the first fear of flying course in the UK, so we?ve had many years to develop a course and build up a team that really understands your fears and anxieties. We want to change your attitude to flying and our years of experience have taught us the best way to achieve this goal.
    Yes, we'd be happy to speak with you. Please contact us here by filling in the form on our contact page with your phone number and a few suitable times that suits you and one of our experienced team member will give you a call. We are a small team, so you will speak to one of three people who are experts involved in running the courses. You?ll receive first class advice and reassurance as everyone is treated individually and everything is discussed in the strictest of confidence.
    No. All our quoted prices are fully inclusive of VAT, Air Passenger Duty and credit card charges.
    Everyone who comes on our courses thinks they will be the worst one there. We quote a 98% success rate based on the number of people that make it onto the aircraft and from the feedback they give us after the flight.
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  • Whats included

    • Free Flying With Confidence book
    • Pilot or psychologist on the same row
    • Front row seats on the flight
    • Flight on a BA jet with pilot commentary
    • Afternoon psychology session
    • Extensive lunch menu with waiter service
    • Morning technical session
    • Dedicated check-in desk
    • Maximum group of 10 people
    • Experienced leaders, pilots and crew
    • Full day course