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I want to help someone to fly

If a friend or family member has a fear of flying, our renowned courses are here to help

  • Do you recognise someone?

    • I have a family member who has become frightened of flying
    • My partner hates flying, we want to holiday overseas, but they can’t face the trip
    • Someone I know has to fly for work. However they are doing everything they can to avoid it and it’s making their working life a challenge
    • I have a friend who has never flown, but they are too scared to try flyin
    • I’ve travelled with a friend who was extremely anxious before, during and even after the flight ruining their trip
    • I know someone who used to fly and has now stopped. I know they are missing out and really want to help them.

    Many of us know someone who has a fear of flying. Whether they be a son or daughter, a friend or just a work colleague, it’s natural to want to help them overcome their fears and in helping them to find our site, this may be the first step in them finding a way forward.

    The most important thing is for you to talk to them sympathetically and help them to understand their fear. Many people close down and don’t want to share their concerns. In order to be receptive to help they need to be in the right mindset. Why not show them our website or buy them our book as a first step?

    Once they are ready to be accept help, we can assure you that the Flying with Confidence course is designed to provide the information and tools to allow them to fly and to be in control of their fears and anxieties.

  • How will our courses help someone you know?

    • We help them understand the nature of their fears and listen to their concerns.
    • We will give them detailed and reassuring information about every aspect of flying – understanding how it all works may be enough for some people to be confident. Our experienced pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are all here to help.
    • We explain what fear is; helping them to recognise when anxiety levels are starting to increase and training them in a variety of techniques that will keep them in control. Our psychologists are on hand to help them understand and conquer their fears and concerns.
    • We really do care. From a friendly ear to listen to their personal story, through to being their support to get them in the air on the day, we are there to realise their dreams of flying with confidence and without fear.
    • For children aged 11-17 we run a special Teenage course with content devised specially for younger flyers. Full details are available here
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