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I’ve stopped flying

If your fear has stopped you flying, our team are hear to help you regain your confidence

  • Do you recognise yourself?

    • I completely avoid flying wherever I can. I am creative at finding excuses not to fly and will even lie if necessary
    • The thought of any trip involving a flight makes me physically unwell or very anxious
    • I have had bad experiences on one or more flights in the past that makes me anxious
    • I’m terrified of having panic attacks
    • I’ve tried drinking and medicating and it doesn’t help
    • I’ve tried hypnotherapy and it didn’t work
    • I’ve refused to board a flight I was booked on
    • It’s affecting my job and/or my personal life and I am under pressure from others to fly

    How familiar are the statements above? If you recognize any, some or even all of these, you may have given up hope of flying again. However the Flying with Confidence team are here to help you face your fears and overcome them. We understand how even the thought of flying can set off emotional and physical responses that others can’t comprehend. And our experienced team are ready to help you where other solutions may have not worked for you.

    All we need is for you to accept that you acknowledge your fear and have a will to try and overcome it. We will work with you to get you back in the air again. Over the years we have helped thousands of people who have stopped flying to regain their confidence and get back onboard. Whether you need to fly for business, to see much loved family or to enjoy a well earned holiday, we can get you going again.

    The Flying with Confidence was created to give you the information and tools that will allow you to fly and more importantly, put YOU in control of your fears and anxieties

  • How will we help you?

    • We help you to understand the nature of your fears and listen to you. We are there for you to listen, understand, support and help you. From thinking about is this course right for you, through to post course support, our highly experienced team are ready.
    • We give you detailed and reassuring information about every aspect of flying – understanding how it all works is enough for some people to be confident. Our experienced pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are all here to help.
    • We explain what fear is; helping you to recognise when your anxiety levels are starting to increase and training you in a variety of techniques that will keep you in control. Our psychologists are on hand to help you understand and conquer your fears and concerns.
    • We do care. From a friendly ear to listen to your story, through to being your support to get you in the air, we are there to realise your dreams. Flying with confidence and flying without fear.
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