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I’m a nervous flyer

We've helped thousands of nervous flyers overcome their fear and fly with confidence

  • Do you recognise yourself?

    • I avoid flying wherever I can and find excuses not to avoid doing something which involves taking a plane
    • Even thinking about booking makes me tense and nervous and my hands feel sweaty when a flight or holiday is booked
    • As the departure date nears I get tense and worried
    • I may drink or take medication to get me through the whole experience, especially on the day of the flight
    • I feel trapped inside the plane, I feel out of control, the slightest bit of turbulence sets me off, I can’t even look out of the window let alone go to the toilet
    • The whole things make me feel embarrassed and uncomfortable
    • I will appear aggressive with people and get really irritable
    • Back on the ground is such a huge relief. I can’t wait for it to be all over
    • However, I’ll have to do it all again to get home, so I can never relax. It’s like an endless nightmare

    If you recognised some of your own feelings and behaviours in our list above, then you are in the right place. Whether you are a frequent business traveller or an occasional holidaymaker, those feelings of anxiety can ruin a trip leaving you feeling defeated and helpless.

    We understand how so many aspects of booking and travelling can trigger anxiety and behavioural changes in how you normally live your life. Importantly we know we can make a difference and help you to face down and conquer the fears that you have. Things can change for you and we have helped thousands of people get back into the air for work or pleasure.

    The Flying with Confidence course is designed to give you the information and tools to allow you to fly and be in control of your fears and anxieties.

  • How will we help you?

    • We help you to understand the nature of your fears and listen to you. We are there for you to listen, understand, support and help you. From thinking about is this course right for you, through to post course support, our highly experienced team are ready.
    • We give you detailed and reassuring information about every aspect of flying – understanding how it all works is enough for some people to be confident. Our experienced pilots, cabin crew and ground staff are all here to help.
    • We explain what fear is; helping you to recognise when your anxiety levels are starting to increase and training you in a variety of techniques that will keep you in control. Our psychologists are on hand to help you understand and conquer your fears and concerns.
    • We do care. From a friendly ear to listen to your story, through to being your support to get you in the air, we are there to realise your dreams. Flying with confidence and flying without fear.
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